Saint Joseph’s Church
7815 Orland Park, San Antonio, TX 78213

For directions to Saint Joseph’s Church click here

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  1. Hello, Saturday is the great feast day of st anthony , patron of your city. Please pray for my grandaughter HALEY. She attended sspx from birth till she entered school. Serious complications have come into her young life and she has not been to a tradional Mass for a long time. I have urgent concerns for HALEY’S soul, thank you for all prayers. Haley not allowed to know of her grandfather, sad to say. I believe he lives in texas. Please pray for him, ricardo flores. Fr ingacio FLORES was a martyr for JESUS in the mexican masonic persecution in mexico. Help me in asking his intercession for a flores descendant/HALEY/ born Good Friday, 07 THANK YOU

    1. Dear Patricia Hurtuk,

      We’ll keep your granddaughter in our Prayers (Haley). Don’t hesitate to come to our Parish and to talk to our Pastor, if you can please bring Haley too.

      We will also pray for Mr. Flores, interesting to know he’s descendant of a Mexican Martyr during the Catholic persecution of 1926-1929.

      God Bless,


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